Sara, 27, French fan of Castle. AlwaysK_Beckett. Some of you know me because of my manips, some of you know me because of my Castle's Sounds. There is some link i want to share with you. My Soundcloud page, my Youtube channel....

It seems to be obvious that i'm a big fan of Castle, but i also like other TV Shows, like bones or Rizzoli and Isle...

In that tumblr, you can find some stuff I made, but also a lot of stuffs that I found on my followers/following pages. Very Stantics, Castillion, Stanathan etc...

Salut à tous, mon nom est Sara, 28 ans, vivant en France. Certains me connaissent de par mes photos montages, d'autres me connaissent de par mes créations audios sur Soundcloud. Je souhaterai profiter de cette page pour vous faire partager quelques liens comme la page soundcloud ou ma chaîne youtube.

il parait évident que je suis une méga fan de Castle, mais j'adore également Bones ou encore Rizzoli & Isle. Sur ce tumblr, vous trouver certains créations dont je suis l'auteure, mais également des créations de certains blogs que je suis/qui me suivent.
En gros, c'est du pur Stanatics, Castillions, Stanathan etc...

Thanks for visiting this page Merci pour la visite.

Lot of love . xoxo
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Look how young & cute! 😍

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It’s that time of the year again…

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apparently eugene and rapunzel were at elsa’s coronation…I MISSED IT O_O

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Castle through infographics

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Countdown to Stana’s birthday.

Day 16: Stana Katic + favorite TV show: Castle

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Graphs throughout your school career

the fact this many people relate to this is both hilarious and sad

have you ever been to high school

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wtf kind of turtle is that

science of tumblr can you please explain this



wtf kind of turtle is that

science of tumblr can you please explain this